What I learned not drinking for two years
Andy Boyle

Awesome progress!

I’ve never been a big drinker and these days it’s not often but if I do, it’s in much smaller quantities. I go out probably about once or twice a year (and aim to drink and spend as little as possible) and think its weird most of my old friends still have the same routine they did back in college. Sometimes I go out and don’t drink at all, I just people watch. It’s strange watching people let them selves go just because it’s acceptable to do so with alcohol..

From being more conscious when I drink it’s lead me to question why most people need to drink at every occasion or why a pint is SO expensive if you go to a show etc.. Its just unnecessary and makes me avoid it more.

I’ve considered quitting altogether but I’m on the fence as I think it’s ok every once in a while. I’ve never understood why drinking ‘till you throw up is a good thing anyway. I hate the thought of wasting a day due to a hangover.. And since getting a car I drink even less because I want to get home quicker, warmer and in more comfort than waiting for anyone else.

Maybe this is a long winded way of saying I probably will quit at some point in the future, who knows.

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