How to survive without technology.
Ten things school should have taught us.
Scott Harling

I could go on a mega rant about how technology is screwing up people without them even noticing. It makes me mad because I can see how it’s effects those closest to me.

I’ve noticed shorter attention spans, impatient behaviour, a need for answering IMMEDTIALTEY, even if that means answering the phone for the fourth time in five minutes when you’re trying to have a conversation with said person. It infuriates me.

We often let it interrupt our mornings, cosy evenings and all the intimate moments inbetween. When people are left alone for a second in public while their friend goes to the bathroom or to order something, the first thing we do is whip out our phone. It’s like a reflex. If you say hello to someone on the street over here, they often look at you as though you’re from another planet..

Last year I deleted Facebook from my phone and set notifications for emails, Twitter and anything else that could distract my attention to OFF. Now I answer things in my own time without feeling the pressure of answering straight away. It feels good to get back my own time!

However, I do understand we sometimes need technology but I also know how important it is to get outside and back with nature. I’m twenty- one and I can’t understand why kids are being given tablets at such a young age instead of the freedom to go outside and explore..

Ok, so maybe this did turn into a rant.. I could go on but I already think we’re on the same page here.

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