K_N Studio Playlist 07

April 2019

The word to describe March has to be ‘Brutal’. The progress made in January and February started to unravel this month, with lots of challenges popping up unexpectedly. A lot of it was in my head, and I found March very mentally and emotionally draining. I’ve read a lot about this phenomenon and it’s perfectly normal to experience growing pains when embarking on personal challenges. Unfortunately that knowledge didn’t make it any less exhausting! I’ve come out the other side stronger and better for it now, but it was a difficult part of the journey.

One thing that kept me going was kicking off the month at my good friends wedding. I absolutely L O V E weddings. They are these magical places which pop up temporarily, like being invited into a couples imagination. There‘s a powerful raw emotion in the air that provokes us to be vulnerable, and the safety of this liminal space allows us to embrace it. It’s amazing to see such a diverse group of people come together and pause our busy lives to celebrate love. This act of community is an important reminder that we’re not seperate from one another, we’re all connected. What becomes apparent is the celebration isn’t confined to the love between two people, it actually starts with the love the community has for these two people, and ends with everyone in attendance feeling closer together. (I get super emotional!).

What better way to summarise this feeling than ‘the power of love’ (Track 1) by Huey Lewis & The News. I spent a good chunk of my childhood re-watching the Back to the Future trilogy, and beyond the amazing acting, clever use of prosthetics, and intricately crafted story is an incredible soundtrack which grabs you emotionally and cements into your memory.

We continue the feeling of love and celebration with ‘Brimful of Asha’ (track 2) by Cornershop, remixed by Fatboy Slim. The repetitive guitar is just gorgeous and brings a feeling of bliss. We keep the good vibes flowing with ‘Digital Love’ (Track 3) by Daft Punk. I used to listen to this song on busses during the summertime, looking out at the Ochil Hills as I travelled towards Stirling for work. This song is sooo chill and has a moment of euphoria that made me jump up and dance with all the other commuters (…in my imagination!).

‘Fake Happy’ (Track 4) by Paramore is a mellow track which sums up how I was feeling in March. Going through mental challenges is a weird thing when you appear normal on the outside. It can be isolating when everyone around you assumes you’re fine. Socially we’re pretty quick to assume everything is business as usual, when in reality most of us are going through internal struggles on a daily basis. This song reminds me that it’s OK not to be OK.

‘Lonely Revolutions’ (Track 5) by Biffy Clyro is unusual and hilarious, a sort of pissed off attitude packaged as a happy pop song. I’m in love with the twirly guitar riff, and the absurd chorus “Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining” is sung so beautifully by Simon. It’s one of my favourite B-sides.

‘Improper Dancing’ (track 6) by Electric Six is another funny track which pretty much sums up the evening of the wedding. From 11pm — 3am there was a silent disco, and we literally didn’t stop for a breath. According to my phone, I took 7,874 steps and ran 2.2 miles during those hours! Electric Six’ weird and wonderful rock/disco vibes are best enjoyed on the dancefloor.

STOP …Continue!

‘Hitchin’ a ride’ (track 7) by Green Day is an old favourite. I really dig the use of violin, and can’t get enough of the heavy bass guitar. The intensity of this song is very relatable to the feelings I was wrestling with in March. There were a lot of moments where I felt like I was self sabotaging. It’s such a frustrating thing to be aware of.

The worst part is knowing in the moment that I’m undoing personal progress. ‘Sabotage’ (track 8) by Beastie Boys continues the intensity and frustration. This is such an amazing tune! The opening riff just slaps you across the face. Eventually I managed to pull myself out of the funk and remember that it’s ok to be imperfect, I’m still a good person doing great things.

‘Earthquake’ (track 9) by Labrinth pulls us back to that positive place. This song reminds me of an amazing night I had while at Uni. We had just delivered a memorable group presentation which left the client literally in tears of joy. My whole class went on a night out afterwards and I remember this song coming on and everyone loosing their minds! That feeling of elation from smashing a presentation gave me an early taste for success that I knew I wanted to repeat.

I encourage everyone to recognise the greatness within them, and to give yourself a break from your own idea of ‘perfect’. We are our own biggest critics and so much of the barriers that we struggle to overcome in our lives originate in our own heads. It’s important to be nice to yourself! We end this months playlist with the amazing ‘Confident’ by Demi Lavato. I do feel good again, in fact, I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I know that the work I’m doing is essential, and the hard part of dealing with old feelings, resentment and grudges is important. Getting rid of them is making me a happier person. We could all do with a strong dose of self confidence.

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