How Holistic Methods Can Transform Lives — One Practitioner’s Testimony

Her holistic healing practices started more than 25 years ago with the diagnosis of her daughter. Belinda Kelly, owner of Kelly’s Herb House, located in Millersville, Maryland, explained.

The Path to Healing Others

“My daughter was about nine years old when she had a [breathing] attack [while] playing soft ball. The next day I took her to the doctor and she had 40% lung functionality; the doctor said she had asthma. Then, he put her on three inhalers, two of which were steroids.

“After she learned to use her inhalers, my daughter and I returned to the doctor. That’s when he put his hand on her knee and said, ‘Now honey, don’t listen to anybody who tells you, you can’t do what others can do. Just as long as you have your inhalers, you can do all the things that other children can do.’

“He had basically told her she was different from everyone else. She turned and looked at me with wide eyes and then, one huge tear rolled down her face.”

That day started Kelly on a healing quest that would eventually help to heal hundreds. She began reading lots of healing and herb books and making teas and tinctures because encapsulated herbs weren’t prevalent at that time. Here are three tools that Kelly uses today with clients because she believes, “A good wholistic practitioner will look at the body in at least three different ways to cover everything.” Once learning what they are, you should explore who offers these services within your own local area.

Kelly’s 3 Primary Methods of Healing

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  1. Iridology — This practice involves looking at the fiber structures in the iris of the eye, which shows genetic weaknesses and strengths, as well as build-ups, because the eye buds are connected neurally to the brain and gut.
  2. Sclerology — This method involves evaluating the red lines in the eye ball and understanding the meaning of the spots that may be present.
  3. Muscle Response Testing or Kinesiology — This modality is a way to evaluate what is happening within the body through acupressure-like points that correspond to different organs, tissues, vitamins, minerals or pathogens. While touching these points, the practitioner uses a muscle’s strength or weakness to determine if that spot indicates an issue or not.

Stories of Transformation

In Kelly’s own words, here are just a few recounts of life-changing stories that have occurred throughout the course of her career:

  • “A mother stopped in on a Friday afternoon and her baby was diagnosed with failure to thrive, which means she couldn’t keep anything down. The doctors tried every formula there was but it didn’t work. On that Monday, the baby was scheduled to go into the hospital to have a feeding tube put in. The baby was four months old and was the size of a newborn. I tested the baby who was very low on digestive enzymes. I put her on goat’s milk and added a capsule of digestive enzymes to the milk along with other nutrients. On Monday, we received a tearful call from the mom and the baby was not going into the hospital — it was the first time the mother saw her baby satisfied. Two years later the mother’s brother visited the store and said the baby was thriving and caught up in height and weight with other kids her age.
  • “A mother came in to the office and was about six months pregnant. The doctor’s found through ultrasound that the baby had a hole in its intestine and the doctors were considering in vitro surgery to repair it. After testing, I found the mother and the baby to be seriously nutritionally deficient so we slowly began to improve their nutrition with herbs and supplements until they both became healthy — the hole resolved.
  • “Recently, a young man diagnosed with Lymphoma and had refused conventional treatment, came to me. He had growths under his arm and along his rib cage and they are all breaking up at this point. He used to get fluids removed off his chest every two weeks and now goes once a month and the fluid is greatly reduced. He’s also gaining weight and his color is getting better so we know he’s on the right track,” said Kelly.

Although Kelly has assisted in many restorations, holistic practices aren’t without their uncertainties. “It’s scary because when people look at you and are depending on you after a serious diagnosis with something like cancer,” she said. “That’s a scary word and I want my support to be perfect, I want to do it right.”

It would seem, however, that Kelly’s work is pretty close to being perfect, by giving her best, people are being improved in significant ways. By the way, what ever became Kelly’s daughter? Kelly beamed, “Just weeks after the doctor told my daughter she was different, I had done enough research and created effective teas and tinctures to wean her off of her medications in about a week’s time,” she said. “She is now 35 years old and runs marathons and has never had a breathing problem since.”

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