The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

You don’t vote for a “couple”; you vote for a president. That’s what the controvery was. It had nothing to do with women or feminism. It’s because she was a sposue. It was about someone trying to exercise power that they didn’t earn by experience or public vote. “First Lady” is not a position of authority. The spouse of a CEO does not get run so-run a company when their mate does. While no one can blame her for using it as a launching platform for a later career, believing and acting like she was elected into a public office during the presedential run was inappropriate and dangerous. Are we electing “couples” now? The the entire family should be subject to the same requirements (i.e. natural born citizen, of minimum age, etc) and media and background scrutiny as the candidate.

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