About a year ago I was at an IBM User Group conference in London, UK LUG in a Q and A session as part of the IBM Champions. We were asked to answer questions from the audience and one question irked me at the time and I gave an answer which a few people laughed at but I was serious.

Yes, I know, hard to believe, but it is true. Tweets never lie :-), I found a tweet from Rob Mason

Rob Mason @MackemBob

Domino is cooler than Pokemon Go is my takeaway from the #ibm#champion session at #iconuk . Courtesy of @LotusEvangelist

5:09 PM — Sep 16, 2016

Pokemon is doing well, although nowhere like it was at its peak, lots of stats about Pokmeon Go! here.

IBM recently said that they are rethinking the “feature pack” naming/numbering system and go back to a brand name and number, if reports from various events lately are true.

Thus IBM Domino 10 will be with us sometime in late 2018 which means support is good through 2022.

All hands up if they think Pokemon Go! will make it that far, let alone to 30+ years as a product?

I didn’t think so.

IBM Domino still does so many things, all in one box, that no product today can even come close. Yes, you can recreate parts of it in many pieces, but is that what your IT shop really wants? No, they want a Cloud solution. IBM Domino is for those that want it on premises…but also in the cloud and to keep using their applications that run some impressive companies businesses.

“For IBM Notes/Domino 9.0, we have announced that product support will be extended through at least 2021, and extended support through at least 2024” — Ed Brill’s blog post

And now with the HCL deal there is no end in sight.

What software that is not an Operating System still runs on any platform, 30+ years after it came out?

Come up with some, let me know.

IBM (prior lifetime Lotus) Notes and Domino are going to go much further than Ray Ozzie ever envisioned. Ray, feel free to let me know otherwise.

IBM today announces that development of Notes and Domino will continue indefinitely.

I realize few of you reading this ever thought it would live this long, certainly various executives and competitors wished it were dead every year. And yet, it lives on and with this new direction will continue to spread collaboration and workflow in ways no other product on the market can do today.

Come on kids, go out and write a better all purpose system, IBM dares you and yet no one has to date.

And now, probably no one ever will need to because it may just out live us all.

“HCL also expanded its relationship with IBM to collaboration solutions, including Notes, Domino, Smart Cloud Notes, Verse and Sametime.”- http://www.livemint.com/Companies/BpxtRX3Lvs7hJs1eKRdGlL/HCL-Technologies-Q2-net-profit-rises-86-to-Rs2188-crore.html

Even Sametime gets new life. I wonder if they can now resurrect Quickr. A man can dream can’t he?

And just in case you REALLY wanted these apps to do something they do not, or for the haters, to fix something you feel is wrong, IBM will be having an Ideation Jam called #Domino2525 where you get to give your input for the future product road maps. Go register over here.

The HCL deal is not an unexpected solution to a conundrum that I had raised over 9 years ago in this post although from a different angle.

We are boldly going where no one has gone before except Buzz Lightyear because he went to infinity and beyond.

Sorry Pokemon Go! Hope someone visits you in the app museum.

Professional Services Manager@The RockTeam,Collaboration Evangelist,IBM Champion,Competitive Business Intelligence/Strategy,Presenter,Blogger, שומר שבת

Professional Services Manager@The RockTeam,Collaboration Evangelist,IBM Champion,Competitive Business Intelligence/Strategy,Presenter,Blogger, שומר שבת