Why I’m Opposing the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch
Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders, I must disagree with you on this. Your entire results oriented approach to judicial review reflects everything that is wrong with the politicalization of our courts.

We need Supreme Court justices (and lower court judges) who apply the words of the Constitution, impartially and without partisanship or bias, and who do so without reference to politically motivated results.

Sometimes the Constitutional text may side with “corporate interests” and sometimes it may not. But the question should always be what the Constittuion says, and not the desired result of a liberal to oppose “corporate interests” or of a conservative to support them.

My personal view is that Gorsuch was wrong in the trucker case, but I understand where he was coming from based on the text of the law. I understand the text of the law reasonably allowed for his interpretation and I understand that any blame for the text of the law falls on Congress. Even if his opinion is wrong that does not necessarily convert it to the malicious sounding motive of “prioritizing corporate interests.”

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