I think the problem goes even deeper still, Keith: It’s not that so many Americans don’t know he’s…
Geoff Kieley

Thanks Geoff, and I agree with you. Even when Trump says something his followers accept as untrue, they don’t mind the lie.

But I think many of them actually believe the lie. Or they decide it is not a lie because “nobody knows for sure.” For example, they won’t regard his ridiculous claim that over three million fraudulent votes were cast for Hillary Clinton because “nobody knows for sure.” They think it could be true. The whole thing about him being wiretapped goes through a similar analysis. They figure “it might be true, who knows?

They apply a clear double standard. Allegations against Trump are subject to an impossible standard of truth, even allegations that Trump lied about something. Allegations made by Trump are treated as true, unless disproven to the aforementioned impossible standard of proof.

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