The FISA Warrants are a Scandal
Parker O'Brien

Note: The NYT has been forced to acknowledge the very misleading implications in its article.

The linked article absolutely contains no such acknowledgement.

If current reports are true, the FISA warrants already represent a major scandal.

The one report claiming a FISA warrant was issued is from your also cited Heatstreet article. It did not say Trump or any of his associates were targeted. However, I agree, it represents a potential incredible scandal. If a FISA warrant was issued against Trump it means a Federal judge (not Obama, not anyone in Obama’s administration, but a Federal judge) concluded there was probable cause that Donald J. Trump knowingly assisted a foreign power against this country. With that said, there remains no credible evidence that any such warrant was issued.

The New York Times reporting indicated that specific individuals were subject to wiretaps, but they’ve since altered their title and implied that it was inaccurate, though they refused to say it outright. The implied defense is that these individuals were caught up in a wiretap of Russians officials.

Sorry, but that is not some sort of post hoc defense. The original article, as it appeared in the January 20th edition of the paper was that the wire tapping referred to Russian officials. The headline never suggested anything else. Certain less than honest people have to attempted to retrofit its purpose based on wholly irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims fabricated by the President.

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