Trump Administration Demands “Whipping” of Uppity Black Woman.

This starts as a sports story, sort of. ESPN reporter Jemele Hill tweeted that President Trump is a white supremacist on her own Twitter account.

She also accused the President of pandering to racists (as have I).

While tepid and inconsistent condemnation of white supremacists at Charlottesville took a couple of days, the Administration wasted no time with Ms. Hill. White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on the offensive quick, declaring “that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.”

Edit and Update: The day after original publication of this article, the President himself took to Twitter to demand that ESPN apologize for what reporter said on her own Twitter account.

This is nothing less than a call, from Office of the Presidency itself, for the public whipping of an uppity black woman who has been so bold as to insult the white man in power. It’s not as if it is an insult this President is unfamiliar with. Surely this President cannot hold the view that it is wrong for a white man to accuse a sitting black President of racism.

Yet, suddenly Ms. Hill calling a sitting President a racist is, per this administration, “outrageous” and deserving of firing. Even if her comments were inappropriate, the response of this Administration is more inappropriate.

The reaction of this Administration is classic. An uppity black woman has insulted a white man of power. The President demands that her modern masters put her in her place. Ms. Hill is fortunate. 150 years ago that meant a public whipping. Today, it means only public humiliation and firing. As a friend said, if you have to deny your white supremacy by calling for the firing of a black woman who insulted you, then you are a white supremacist.

This is another example of Trump enjoying the privileges of free speech, while using the force of his office to demand it be denied others. The message is clear. ESPN had best do as told, or this Administration will come after them. I hope ESPN tells the Administration to piss off.

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