Trump & His Intelligence Leaks Hutzpah.

Trump’s investigation of intelligence leaks closes in on the guilty party.

If nothing else, you have to admire Trump’s hutzpah, said to be the quality in a person who upon murdering both his parents pleads for mercy on grounds he’s an orphan. We see this hutzpah all the time. The same serial liar who, with a straight face, advanced the preposterous claims of Birtherism, to Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the JFK assassination (any many more absurd lies) has the gall to criticize the “fake media” and “fake news” as the “enemy of the people.”

Today Trump’s twitter account brings us more from the orange tinted King of Hutzpah. Following reports he shared classified information with the Russians, his staff last night defended him, saying it didn’t happen, that the information he shared was not classified in nature. As with the Comey firing, Trump took to Twitter to throw his staff under a bus and contradict their efforts to defend him.

Trump effectively admits to sharing classified info with the Russians creating yet another (of many) self-inflicted credibility crisis. The intel came from another nation that shares info with us. The concern is they will now, understandably, be more reticent about doing so, endangering the security of this nation. This is similar to a prior incident where Trump’s made up allegations against the British Intelligence Services risked undermining their sharing intelligence with this nation. Trump’s staff claims he did not disclose “sources and methods” thereby not revealing to the Russians how and from who we got it. However, the nature of the information itself apparently was sufficient to allow the Russians to discern that.

Trump ran against Hillary Clinton strongly attacking her for negligently mishandling classified information (which she did). This is so much worse because Trump did it deliberately. The whole “intent” thing that served as the basis to not prosecute Clinton is no defense for Trump. This was as intentional as anything can be.

So we move now to the ultimate hutzpah tweet from Donald Trump where he laments the inability of Comey and others to find who is responsible for intelligence leaks. Seriously, today he also posts this:

All of which inspired this meme from me.