I was blessed recently the Monday after Christmas to be struck down with the stomach bug that seemingly everyone from 2 to 99 has had this winter.

While I was laid up in bed, I spent a great deal of time, Listening to classic American top 40 shows, with Casey Kasem. This was during the time of Casey at his best and because it was at the end of the year, they were replaying the best of entire years during my convalescence. I was sick long enough to pretty much hear the biggest songs of 1985, 1986 and for good measure A good chunk of 1987 (that stomach bug was relentless )I was struck by how many ballads and love songs were in the top 100 of each year. In fact if you look at the top 10 songs of 1985, one third are ballads including Madonna “Crazy For You” Foreigners “ I Want To Know What Love Is” and sadly the recently departed George Michael and Wham! , Who had the biggest song of the year “Careless Whisper” . In fact I looked at the top 40 of the whole year and the chart is 25% ballads for 1985. By The way if you really want to see a year with a lot of ballads, research the biggest songs from 1980. There’s a blog post in waiting to discuss the abrupt end of the disco era one moment that suddenly became the soft rock era the next.

It got me to thinking, where have all the love songs gone in this generation. A quick scan of the current Billboard hot 100 has me all the way to number 25 where Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran finally appear. But so much of the current pop music landscape is so rhythmic heavy, that there seems to be a little room for love songs and where exactly is the next iconic band coming from? This generation has no U2, no Nirvana, No Beatles , No Guns N Roses, No Green Day, No Pearl Jam, No Metallica. As someone who is been on the radio for close to 30 years, it makes me wonder what the classic hits format will look like in 2037.

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