Keith Krach Inspires Diverse Teams So Projects Can Thrive

“You’re not going to get anywhere in life without taking risks. When you’re taking a big risk there’s usually a big upside, but there also is a (possibility) of failure. But either way it’s a win, because when you have a failure, it’s when you learn the most.”

When putting together teams, Krach feels that while IQ is important, AQ (a designation he’s given for the adversity quotient) is even more so. “When the going gets tough, that’s when you see what you’re made of,” Krach said. “Can you handle stuff under pressure and stay cool?”

“I also believe in setting big ambitious goals, because small goals don’t stir the heart of women and men.”

“Keith can make a team feel like they can do anything,” said Edward Kinsey, Ariba’s former CFO. “He knows how to make people stretch. He’s evaluated them, he knows what makes them tick, he looks at them based on what he believes they can do, and then he drives them to that performance.”

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