Exciting to see Khan Academy partner with NWEA to develop MAP Accelerator, a unique classroom tool designed to help teachers integrate personalized learning and assessment to accelerate student achievement.

Sal Khan is an inspiration.

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When you make big, ambitious plans, it stirs the hearts of men and women.

Don’t make small plans. Transformational thinking is where you really test your muscle s an organization and also as an individual.

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Trust is the basis of every relationship — business or otherwise.

At DocuSign, trust is sacred and we were manically focused on delivering a secure, trusted service.

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Global competition to innovate is a race the U.S. can’t afford to lose.

That means we need to invest in innovation like our lives depend on it.
Speed is the ultimate currency.
We have no time to waste.

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When we set tough goals at DocuSign, I told everybody,

“Look, I know this seems scary, but think about what we’ve done in the past and look how far we’ve come.”

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City Year recently outlined some of its life-changing education programs. Richard MacTough, a City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps member, captured its spirit: “I decided to serve because I believe I have something to offer to my students. They need someone to believe in them.”

Read the full article from CityYear, here.

My friend, retired Four-Star Army Gen. Stanley McCrystal, saw that what worked on the battlefield could also help all types of organizations excel. His consultancy imparts this message by developing transformational leadership skills. An article in Bold Business shows how.

Read the full article, here.

The ultimate goal is to satisfy your customer’s needs faster and better than your competitors, and do it dramatically.

Speed now is the #1 currency in business, and you need momentum for the digital transformation.

The big no longer eat the small.
The quick eat the slow.
It’s go-time.

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To my good friends at Bloomberg, thank you for setting the record straight.

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In my position as Under Secretary of State, what we’re really finding out is the world wants and needs America to lead. I think the time is right. I think during this pandemic is really a great opportunity for the U.S. to step up. Check out a short clip of my interview with Hudson Institute below:

Since I’ve been in this role, I’ve had a chance to have about 60 bilaterals with either Foreign Ministers or Finance Ministers or Economic Ministers, and that really resonates, and what we’re really finding out is that the world wants and needs America to lead. I think the time is right. I think during this pandemic is really a great opportunity for the United States to step up. It’s not a time to take our foot off the gas on that one.

Keith Krach

Former Chairman & CEO of DocuSign. Cofounder & CEO of Ariba, Chairman of Purdue University, Chairman of Angie’s List and VP, General Motors

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