Inspiration Celebrates a Birthday

Three years ago yesterday, I posted the first entry to

I did so in wanting to build a place where all the things I liked and was inspired by could be searchable when I needed to go back and review something. Or get inspired.

To date, there are over 1600 posts.

I began sharing on Twitter the things I found and posted. And I realized this thing, this blog, whatever it was, shouldn’t just be for me to only consume. After a few months of only sharing what I thought was inspiring, I asked people to share with me what inspired them. Now well over 100 guest posts later, I am truly inspired by what has sparked others. Those posts have helped shape this blog in an invaluable way.

It makes me smile to see someone found the blog through a piece of content on Pinterest that was posted over a year ago. Or more. It has taught me that inspiration has no expiration. Inspiration is not exclusively reserved for what is current. And there is no right answer as to what it is. Inspiration exists in everything, and takes different shapes for different people. Don’t underestimate or discredit what you think people will find inspiring. Share it. Always. Let people make it their own, and do with it what they will.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to All That Inspires Me. And thanks for continuing to visit and consume.

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