Why I Paint Acorns, Stones and Shells

You don’t have to visit a national park to experience nature. So many of us forget that our front yard, the median strip of our street, and even the potted plant sitting on the neighbor’s stoop are no less a part of nature than Yosemite Falls and the Great Barrier Reef. Nature is not something that we must “go to”, it is all around us. It’s the sky, it’s the breeze, it’s the rain falling on us as we hurry to our car. We don’t always stop to acknowledge it, but nature is there, always, nonetheless.

As I go about my day, I make a point to notice. I see sprouts in the cracks of the sidewalk. I pick up leaves scuttling across my driveway. A pretty stone, an acorn, or a feather. They end up on my table, and then I take the time to really look at them. To spend time getting to know the nature in my every day. I follow the lines, the curves, the colors, and I paint.

Of course, when I can, I love to travel my local hiking trails, or even visit nature beyond my own neighborhood. But when life is busy, and I can’t take the time to steal away to a wild place, the moon and the clouds overhead will always remind me that I am not separate from nature, but a part of it. We are always together, looking out for each other in quiet companionship.

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