Suburban vs Urban Delivery Logistics: Not As Similar As You Might Think
Adam Price

Some delivery companies employ tactics that turns a 3D plane into 2D; requiring recipients to come down to meet the courier. I believe that efficiency maybe best achieved by incentivizing the customer to convert the 3D plane to it’s 2D counterpart. For example, awarding the customers benefits 2/3 of the savings in time for eliminating the 3D component.

Agreed there are several differences and methods that are only applied to certain areas, drops per trip is a complexity that should be addressed with advanced routing and predictive methods. However another type of complexity arises in the suburbs; the applications of cross docking which is less used but should, it’s efficient at scale. Neither is not complex, and both require a high level of optimization in different forms to achieve efficency. Therefore any type of simple methods that doesn’t add to the already present complexities should be welcome.

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