smile, you bitch: being a woman in 2015
Nora McInerny Purmort

Does anyone have any theories about why men want us to smile all the GD time? What does it satisfy within them? I smile a lot when I’m around people who I think are funny or when I have a fondness towards them or when I’m sexually attracted to them. Is this what they’re looking for? To feel desired even if it means they have to coerce us into doing it?

Even if their reason is that they want “to see women happy” it’s still gives me the wiggins. Because no one in my life forces me to be happy around them. It is a thing that comes naturally. I guarantee if I‘m walking down the street and see a friend my face will light up like a Christmas tree. Who is the person who wants someone to feign happiness through a forced smile?

Ugh! I need a shower.

Nora, I know it’s scary when men harass you. You are brave for facing down those a-holes. And in a weird aside, your name is awesome. I’ve said it three times to myself. It’s not often you get “er” and “or” sounds in names, at least in my geography.

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