The World Needs Rage, Too.

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, I find genuine harbor in the grace and love shown by so many who do not feel anger, though I operate on the opposite side of the spectrum. In a society, we act as yin and yang, as republicans and democrats, as believers and the self-guided alike who come together to balance each other’s worst tendencies. We act as two parts of one whole that push and pull each other as the circumstances of life rush around us like a wild river, until we’re all joined together by a shared destination of stagnant peace.

Yet I want to encourage and reach out to those who are like me, who cannot ever forget. Who are born of passion and anger and stomachs of stone who fight gruesomely, savagely, without truce against those who would cut the innocent down. I’m speaking to those who believe that true love can and does include searching out and defeating, through words, votes, marches and sustained indignation, all those who are the enemy of harmony. Do not believe the lie that there are people who are beyond reproach, who cannot be called out as bigots or zealots or hateful plagues. Terrible people exist, and it’s okay to say it. You know how to tell if they’re terrible? If they kill and injure more than one hundred fucking people because of gender or sexuality.

I tell you this without shame. Nurture your rage. Love it. Keep it as a pet. Do not hurt others. Do not be brutish. But fire on, fire on with the sorrow that wakes you at night and jolts you into action from inertness. Become a fire that no one can ignore and no one can contain. Acknowledge your fears, but rise above them. Concede to your faults, but don’t doubt your core. The world needs our anger, too, as much as it needs air and maybe even the people around us who urge us or force us to be better. Love will win out, but not without the white-hot rage of people like us.

Burn on, my friends of anger. And shine on my friends of love.