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“Are you shitting me with this, brain??”

Why You Keep Waking Up at 4 A.M.

And why creatives should embrace it.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

This practice is called segmented sleeping, and it’s hypothesized that it stretches back much farther than the written accounts we can access. In fact, it was probably the norm for most of our lucky ancestors.

During the space between first sleep and second sleep, people would eat or have sex; write or visit neighbors. It was a time of increased creativity, thoughtfulness and closeness.

There’s a reason that your brain seems to be exploring avenues, clean or dangerous, in the early morning hours.

When we fall asleep, we enjoy that fast actin’ prolactin, a hormonal secretion that sends you into dreamy, sleepy, peaceful and even hallucinatory state. It’s also released when we wake up and when we remain in a restful waking state — as our ancestors used to do between first and second sleep.

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