I wrote this post a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I was rereading it and realized it contains the first story from yesterday’s Toastmasters Speech 10 rough draft. It’s about how I’ve gone from barely running at all to completing a marathon. The post also relates the current book I’m reading, Accidental Genius, by Mark Levy and his strategy of freewriting towards my way of thinking about running.

A few years ago, I was walking back upstairs from picking up some lunch at my former companies cafeteria, which was a six floors below us, I figured a should walk the steps instead of taking the elevator so I went down, no big deal, I’m in pretty good shape, or so I thought. On the way back up, you would have thought I sprinted up those steps because I was doing some serious huffing and puffing. It was that day I realized I was out of shape. Later, that same day I challenged my coworker to run in Pittsburgh Great Race, which is a 10k or approx 6 miles. I’ve never run more than 4 and that was a few years ago. I got a training and took it one mile at a time. I guess I could call it Freerunning. I didn’t worry about my pace or time. All I cared about was putting in the miles everday the training program said to run.

It’s been six years since I made that commitment and I’ve went on to run four half marathons, three of them under 2 hours, and a sub four hour marathon. I completed some of them with the help of training group but I wouldn’t have done any of them without Freerunning.

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Originally published at on June 6, 2015.

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