Ashley’s Story

from Kellie K Apparel

When I started out making the world’s best strapless bra, it was simply an extension of trying to make my wife’s life easier. One of the unexpected bonuses of this mission is a story like Ashley’s. Ashley, who received our inaugural Kristen Strapless bra, was kind enough to share the photo and quote below.

“Two years ago I was the passenger in a major rollover car accident caused by a drunk driver. I broke my arm, elbow and shattered my collarbone. Due to the severity of the breaks, everything including my collarbone was plated. Unfortunately due to the nature of the break, removing the plate will never be an option which has left me struggling with bras.
Regular bras with straps get stuck in between the screws, chaff and are general very uncomfortable. Most strapless bras just will not stay up! I work at a desk through the day and a barista at night and find myself pulling the silly thing up every 5 minutes! I often either just suck it up or turn to a sports bra with wide straps…not terribly sexy at all. It had been a very frustrating 2 years because it just feels like a constant reminder of the accident and what I now have to deal with for the rest of my life because of someone else’s choice. Since I received the bra from you guys, I literally only stop wearing it at night or to wash it. I can put it on in the morning, wearing it at the office all day and it stays up all evening while I’m running around at work! Best of all? It looks sexy! My boyfriend loves it! So I just wanted to say thank you! This is the first time in two years I’ve had a bra that is comfortable and makes me feel awesome wearing it. Most of all, I feel like it had helped me feel back to normal which I can’t thank you for enough.”
- Ashley A.

We are truly honored Ashley took the time to share her experience with us. More so, her story has inspired to do all we can to deliver the world’s best strapless bra to as many women as possible.

-Anthony Roy Ph.D.

CEO and Founder

Kellie K Apparel