Happy and Glorious

Why is it that the only time a television producer whispers instructions in the ear of a newsreader to actually raise a smile, is to report on something like ‘our’ boys beating Germany in a pathetic friendly football match, or Kate and Wills traveling to some indigenous postcard paradise.

It’s as if ‘we’ won that match together. As if we all blessed the poorest parts of the world with our own presence. As if we’re supposed to feel gracious, in awe or patri-idi-otic as we watch a select few do things normal people should never imagine doing.

It seems as though we’re supposed to find unity as a folk, sitting alone on the sofa, feeling good about ourselves for actually doing nothing at all.

Perhaps such happiness is spoon fed to us to tame any twitches of resistance or questions of our dependence on jobs that can simply vanish tomorrow.

All that these smiles celebrate is actually the fact that we’ve always been taught to be dependant on others. A friendly reminder of who we are. Normal people who should marvel at the success and happiness of others because there’s not enough to go around. Just remember we are victorious, happy and glorious. Remember to say good morning boss, every friggin’ day, just like we were always taught to answer the teacher like good little boys and girls with “Good morning Mr what’s-yer-face”.

Funnily enough, it actually draws a sorry smile when you ponder it all for too long.


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