Emotionally Stable Advice — Therapists

Having a therapist would really elevate your storytelling.

Who doesn’t become instantly interested in a story that begins with, “Last week at therapy…” With that move, you have asserted yourself as the cultured one of the group. Also, everyone now knows you have money without you having to explicitly say it, another power move.

One of the great things about telling people you see a therapist is that you don’t have to be telling the truth. What kind of asshole is going to fact check your story after you’ve just opened up and made yourself completely vulnerable? If this happens, kick that “friend” to the curb because you don’t have room in your life for fakes.

So the next time you stumble in front of 7–15 people walking down the street, casually drop the line, “Ugh, my therapist is going to have a field day with this!” If delivered properly, you will reap the comedic benefits. Afterwards, continue on with your day thinking about that one time five months ago when you said that super embarrassing thing in front of that cute guy and how you’ll never let yourself live it down because it’s constantly creeping into your daily thoughts, forbidding you to ever just truly enjoy the moment you’re in and honestly, you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to let yourself be loved again. Sorry, what?

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