Watching The West Wing: Season 1, Episode 2

It’s been two weeks since I watched the pilot episode. I don’t remember anything that happened except for all of the pager action.

Things I liked about Episode 2

  • When Mrs. Landingham told Sam he could have a cookie
  • And then when she stole the president’s steaks
  • When Captain Tolliver had an actual printed photo of his new baby ☺
  • Sam wearing glasses
  • How everyone owns a long, tan trench coat

Things I didn’t like about Episode 2

  • When the mom from One Tree Hill drove her car over the curb and started yelling at people and threatening them with her shoe — zero chill
  • The opening credits are lame
  • When Captain Tolliver repeatedly showed people the printed photo of his new baby — you knew something bad was going to happen ☹
  • How they kept going back and forth between calling Laurie a call girl and a hooker — pick a team!
  • When I stopped paying attention for seven minutes and only remember Sam saying he needed to stretch his legs, like, four times
  • All the talk about Sam trying to “reform” the call girl/hooker
  • The Vice President
  • This exchange — Laurie/hooker/call girl: “I don’t need saving.” Sam: “Yes you do.
  • Captain Tolliver ☹
  • No pager dialogue! Weak AF.

Parting Thoughts: Mrs. Landingham is the saving grace of this show and I need to pay closer attention to plot lines.

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