Startling to see the vast number of people, even in a developed nation like the US, after 150 years…
Peter van den Engel

Good News About Trends Towards Understanding Evolution

Thanks for your reply Peter van den Engle.

The fact that many Americans, and a majority of the adult population, don’t understand nor believe in the processes and overall theory of evolution is due to many factors.

The good news for those of us who consider evolutionary theory a cornerstone of our framework of understanding of how life works, is that a vast supermajority of over 70 percent of younger adults understand and acknowledge evolution. Many details about how and why that is are explored in this superb polling article from 2015.

So the trend, despite our many problems of access to quality education, is going in a direction towards understanding this foundational field of science. This trend, notably, includes Pope Francis.

If and when scientists discover the processes that led to life here, and perhaps on other planets, that will bolster support for and understanding of evolution even further. That remains a puzzle for science to solve.

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