My Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez Asking if He Will Democratize the Democratic Party

To: DNC Chair Tom Perez;

Date: Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Tom,

Do you advocate for registered Democrats voting for and electing the leaders of the Democratic Party (DNC) in a national referendum, with a runoff, if no one achieves a majority, after a full televised debate between the top two vote getters?

After all that is how Jeremy Corbyn got elected Labour Party leader — not by a vote of party insiders (superdelegates).

Will you do an interview with me via Skype or Google Hangout, or in Seattle on video, on the subject of creating a democratic Democratic Party in this way?

Is that too much to ask of you? That is, is it too much to ask to get your view of having actual democracy within the Democratic Party?



Kelly Patrick Gerling

Co-founder Kansas Progressive Caucus in the Kansas State Democratic Party in 2004


(So far he has neglected to reply.)

[Here is a link to a Wikipedia article describing the leader selection process of the UK’s Labour Party from an Electoral College process to a direct election by Labour Party members that democratized the Labour Party and led to the election of Jeremy Corbyn:,_2015 ]