The Newest Face of Real Democracy — 37 Year-Old Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Demonstrates a Democracy by We the People

Jacinda Ardern is the third woman prime minister in New Zealand, and the youngest, at 37, in 150 years. This is the first government the Green Party in New Zealand has joined.

It’s the right of party choice provided by the New Zealand electorate’s decision by referendum to adopt (in 1993) and keep (in 2011) the MMP system of proportional representation that yielded the opportunity for this government to form.

If it goes well with National in opposition, then the voters can strengthen this Labour/Green/NZ First government via the party vote in 2020.

The brilliance of the New Zealand constitutional system is the assertion of the right of the People of New Zealand to collectively determine the system that binds them via national referenda.

This is the vision I have for our system in America. Bravo Kiwis!!! Let’s learn from your example.