More Than a Hobby

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — David Pouge, a senior journalism major at Northern Arizona University, specializes in film and videography, and enjoys playing club baseball and hanging out with his roommates in his spare time. However, David’s true passion is for rap music.

Freestyling, writing, preforming — Pouge does it all. Ever since he was in grade school, Pouge has had a talent with words. He grew up writing poetry and doing voice impressions until his sophomore year of college, when he realized he could put his talents together into rapping. This form of music has become an emotional outlet for Pouge.

“I rap to convey what is going on in my mind”, Pouge said. “I can reflect on the past while I freestyle and accept the moment that is here. When it’s over it’s clarity. It’s freedom for my mind.”

David flips through a years’ worth of handwritten rhymes.

Pouge writes rap songs every day. Some days he fills up a page or two, and some days he can fill an entire journal with his rhymes. Pouge believes it all depends on where his mental clarity is, and how issues in his life are going.

His family back home in Seattle appreciates his talent. At first, Pouge thought they would be hesitant, but he remembers rapping to his grandmother for the first time as one of the best moments of his life. He believes that most people have a positive reaction to his music.

“It gives people a positive influence and open up a perspective to somethings you have never thought about before.”

Even before he started writing verses, some of Pouge’s role models included big name rappers such as Macklemore, J Cole, and 2Pac. These figures helped inspire him to write about his like and share it with others.

Memorabilia from some of David’s rap heroes covers his room.

“It has helped me to learn a new language to talk to other people…it’s helped me to get along with people I never thought I’d get along with and understand ideas I never thought I’d agree with” said Pouge.

Today, Pouge is working up the courage to preform in front of a live audience. He shares his work online with others, and is willing to collaborate and rap with friends at home or at the studio, but preforming on stage is his next step.

Pouge believes that rap will continue to be a big part of his life even as he pursues a career in journalism.

“My interest in rap ties in with the rest of my life because I just want to give back to all the people in my life…something they can hang on to when I’m not there.”