I was a pathetic multi-talented kid who failing on focusing my path. Am I a failure?


One definition of focus is an act of concentrating interest or activity of attention. In my personal opinion, having a focus is a previlege in life, especially for nowadays business’ atmosphere. We are demanded for being focus. So, I thought, yes thought — you read it right, to be born as a person with specific interest in your life is a huge advantage.

Then, what about me? A pathetic multi-talented human. Since I was a kid, adults always said that I’m blessed for being multi-talented. Right now, you may even say that I’m so lucky to be able to do so many things by my own. I only gave a flat smile for that. Deep down inside, I felt this is not even a blessing. This trait left me with uncertainties and doubts over myself. What am I really capable of? I love everything and it makes me feel doing nothing.

I even had problems when choosing what education I should took on college. Then, what major? I was in Communication Science and majoring Printed and Online Journalism. But before I choose that, I’m really confused since I also love TV and PR. Oh, this is really bothersome! That was my thought until I work and met few persons who really made significant changes for my perspective — and I’m really grateful and thankful for them in my life.

Back then I thought I was a failure but fortunately this multi-talent trait helps me to survive. I really envy for those who loves a subject to the death. Envy for those who has absolute interest over something. They can do their thing and make an impact in that field — or that was what I saw. I envy them to my bone. Until one day I found out that they also envy for someone like me, a person who I thought never done something, never make an impact.

Oh wow!

It’s shocking to found out that I actually make an impact over them. They are pushing their limits to grow even more as they look at me who can do many things. Meanwhile, I succumb into my own thoughts that I can’t grow. It left me into several days of contemplation for what I really capable for and came into a conclusion. My dear friends taught me from their actions that I’m in a very advantageous position: I, we, can create numerous possibilities if we choose to pick and combine several interests and focus on it.

Focus is not something that taken and granted. It’s a choice.

This new and fresh perspective really changes how I see life: focus is not just a mere absolute interest over a subject. I also start to see that not everybody with absolute interest in a subject make an impact. I was blinded. I also start to see that every single person int this earth actually is multi-talented. But they choose to focus on an interest and sacrifice the others. Focus is an effort, a devotion over your interest — and can be unrelated with your passion! This is what I’m lacking for over years of my life: failed to realise that actually not every chances or possibilities or opportunities are should be picked.

Without focus, interest are nothing but just an interest itself.

Like needs, they can be classified into primary, secondary and tertiary. Nobody can stating what you should choose or which one should be prioritised, but yourself. Why yes, because only you and just yourself who really know what you need for your focus. This is made me understand why some people dare say ‘NO’ to a big opportunity which will give them a huge advantage — not always about money: it’s just not in their focus.

So, am I a failure? I dare to say no. We are not a failure.

I’m not a failure, you are not a failure — if you experiencing the same thing like me. We just fail to realise what is focus, fail to know about our strength. Another thing that I realised is focus always related with discipline. So I back to the very basic: I disciplined myself — and I decided to start with punctuality since time is essential. Moreover, focus is not an instant thing. We build it up from time to time and make it into a habit. It’s a process. So, I’m, you’re, not a failure. We are just late bloomer.

Focus is an effort, a devotion with discipline of an act of concentrating interest or activity of attention.

Work on your focus lads, work on your discipline! It’s not an easy matter, but I think it’s worth and it’s all started with knowing yourself and dare to sacrifice few interests over your focus. I didn’t say that right now I’m already success on building my focus, but at least I’m not succumb into my own negative thoughts anymore. I’m still working on my focus: sorting my interest, sorting my priority and rebuilding myself. I even grateful that right now I can choose few interests and combine them into one subject then focus on it — since I already tried so many thing to overcome this question over myself.

Work it! Because you know that it matters. Don’t just let your interest and idea stay still as a concept, but make it happens. Focus on it! Take risk, try new things and best of luck!

A good idea that stay still as an idea is not a good idea.