Question of the Day: Did You Move for a Relationship?
Nicole Dieker

  1. Me! Once. We dated in college for a couple years, then I moved abroad for a year-long work contract and she started grad school in California. We stayed long distance that year and when my contract was up, I moved to be with her. (Not that I had any other options on the table, but I probably wouldn’t have moved to that city without her being there already.)
  2. I’m a woman.
  3. Not really — my previous work contract was initially only for a year, and I was done at the end of it. I maybe could have extended it, but I didn’t try to. Long distance suuuucks.
  4. We split the costs, more or less. My stuff was all at my parents’ house in Texas — she paid (I might have contributed some?) for her flight to meet me, then we road tripped to California. I paid for gas, we split hotel/food costs. She already had an apartment and we moved in together, so I didn’t have to worry about apartment hunting or security deposits, etc.
  5. Yes! The relationship lasted another few years but didn’t ultimately work out, but I’m glad I did it. I ended up LOVING the city (Santa Barbara! So wonderful) and our life, my career got off to a really great start, and I really did think the relationship was going to work. I’m not there anymore, but it was a great time in my life. No regrets!
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