The Fighting Spirit of Dr. Moshe Kantor

Kelsch Pioterek
Oct 30, 2017 · 2 min read

What drives us from within can make us do even the unimaginable. The inner power from within us can be a source of fear, anger or courage in many occasions. Most of us when driven by fear and anger choose to take a backseat and watch from the stands as things happen. But are there people who in such circumstances faced the issues head on and what results did they get? The answer to that question is yes and one such person is Dr. Moshe Kantor. Let us see what might have faced him through his life and how well he coped with the issues at hand. We will also see what results he came to get. Here’s a good read about Dr Moshe Kantor, check it out!

At the time of his birth in 1953, Russia and other world countries were still recovering from the effects of the world war two. There was also active cold war throughout the entire globe. Children and adults in those days would look and see the amount of destruction and unease hovering all over and most would feel demoralized. Dr. Moshe, however, was able to come out of it motivated and make something out of himself. Today, we celebrate him for his unending perseverance during such times. To gather more awesome ideas on Dr Moshe Kantor, click here to get started.

The second hardship in those times was the Jewish reconstruction. The new nation of Israel and Jews all over the world were undergoing a hard time. Having been hit worst by the German mistreatment in the world war, the Jewish people could not be described as a motivated lot in those days. The birth of the new nation in 1948, was also not a walk in the park. His campaign for the recognition of Jews has been ongoing for a long time. The consequent recognition of his campaign is nothing short of success in the face of adversity.

Dr. Kantor`s fight for peace and against inhumane acts such as terrorism, xenophobia and the use of nuclear weaponry is also very significant. Being a family man and a father of four, Dr. Kantor holds family values close to the heart. Terrorism and the use of nuclear weapons destroys lives of both the children and adults. The use of these weapons would mean that not only his children, but every other child faces an insecure and dark future. The fear and anger of such events are among the things that put him in the lead to fight against these vices. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.