The Creativity Crisis
umair haque

Firstly, thank you. I feel the brain juices flowing.

I’m going to be that person with a conspiracy, so here it goes. Entities and governments have only let technology advance just far enough to give us things to distract us and make us dependent on them. This isn’t just a liberal or conservative thing. I’m talking bourgeoisie and proletariat, and the stingy rich (not the serving kind that actually betters the world) are on both sides.

Renewable energy and real cures for terminal illness. Or how about simply focusing medicine on curing diseases rather than treating symptoms? Fat cat corporations, banks, and the government only fund things that will give them a huge ROI. And they say fuck all the rest, let ’em fester and rot. Let’s speed up the process - divide and conquer them so we can finally move to Mars.

And to me, that’s capitalism.

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