I said you and your daughter.
Brian Thornton

Brian, how do you know that the author is not doing that? What I am telling you is that you assume a lot about this gentleman and you don’t even know his life. When I say, “this article is not for you” I am saying it because you don’t understand the context. Since you don’t understand the context, it’s not for you, simple. Just like some people can not wrap their heads around Shakespeare, rap music, golf, etc. The reason why? It isn’t for them. This article, these words, this form of blackness, is not for you. That’s why your responses sound so foolish, you fail to grasp the concept of what is read. Read it again for clarity, then read it again for it’s substance, then read it again for understanding, if it does not come together for you at that point, then stop reading it, because it’s not for you.