As a black man the article was for me.
Brian Thornton

Excuse me? I am a 43 year old educated woman with a husband I have been with since high school. A beautiful BLACK husband who is also college educated, an amazing provider and a beautiful man. Do not assume because I am a black woman that I do not have a wonderful family, that is your first mistake. Your second mistake is making assumptions about the GENTLEMAN who wrote this article. Do you surmise he is broke because he is black? Just like you surmised that I had to “get a man” because I am black with a child? You sound silly and ridiculous. Again, this article was not for you, as I previously said. I can see the beauty in what was said, that’s exactly why the article was for black women. Had you not liked the article you could have not responded. You sound foolish. You really do. And by the way my husband and I worked TOGETHER to provide for EACH OTHER, I don’t and never did need a provider, I was just blessed with one.