List of over 80 Women in Tech Programs & Events in the Bay Area
Karen Church

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this information. About three years ago when my daughter was about seven a friend of mine and my husband asked our daughter what she was going to be when she got older (as you can see by my avatar) she said a golfer, and that she wanted to go into STEM..huh? I had no idea what it was, I knew my daughter loved to watch Sci-Girls on PBS so I did a little investigating and found out that so few women are in the tech and science industry, I thought, for my daughter knowing this she could change the world, if given a fair shake…and now she has one! Since my husband works in San Jose and we travel there I am definitely going to give some of these programs mentioned a closer look. I am so glad my daughter has the opportunities I didn’t and I am definitely going to take advantage of them…for her sake.

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