Music Screen

Whether you are probing to jazz up your home video or looking for commercial background score, “Music Screen”, a free online royalty free music library, has the unique capacity to add an exquisite finesse to your task. Extensive range of music library is certainly an ultimate bliss for both commercial non-commercial users as well.

All this has been regarded as social contribution to music industry from standout music composer and sound engineer, Hicham. “Music Screen” is a one stop destination for all music lovers looking for something unique yet extraordinary for their educational or freelancing projects. From Jazz to Rock and Experimental to Classical, you will find almost all genres and kinds on available tasteful podium.

The best part is you don’t need to break your bank to indulge in the music and melodies of your mood. Only royalty free music library has been making worthwhile contributions for students, NGO’s and private individuals and for those looking to incorporate music in your commercial projects can avail it by purchasing a license. Buying a one-time legal license will allow you download stock music in merely few clicks without worrying about any hidden charges and costs.

Free Music for Students

Moreover, you can also ask for customized music at nominal fee for your creative projects in order to add your personal touch to your work. Around 95% of the music on “Music Screen” can be altered to fit your individual needs or specifications. Expert composers, instrumentalists, authors and musicians will assist you including music in your projects as per your own unique set of requirements. Moreover it will get fully synchronized with your task’s images or content. What you just need to do is to pay once for the selected track and voila, you can use and incorporate that track in multiple projects.

Unlike conventional copyright mechanism where you need to purchase all the relevant rights such as distribution rights, synchronization rights and public performance rights, Royalty free music for students is a hassle-free yet effective way of adding sophistication to your work in the best possible melodious manner.

As “Music Screen” is free digital music library for students so they can select track of their choice from the vast range of available music from website of “Music Screen” or reflect the creative side of your personality by placing a personalized order. High-quality, unique and extreme pocket-friendly quotes have been ensured for prospective ones.

Remember, music always speaks what cannot be expressed. It calms your mind, heals the heart and makes it whole flows from the heaven to the soul. “Music Screen” Speak your style loud with the music that reflects the most creative side of you.

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