Motivation Monday

At the end of last year, I decided that I wasn’t happy with the way I was living my life anymore. I didn’t just want to change it, I needed to change something, and change it drastically.

I’ve suffered from horrible social anxiety for as long as I can remember. There have been times in my life that I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my house for weeks at a time. Over the past six months, I have been, for lack of a better way of putting it, training myself to like people, and to be around people.

This year I have genuinely tried to put myself out there, and to make new friends, and to love the life I’ve created for myself. I’ve found myself a group of friends who love me, and who I genuinely want to be around every day. I’ve found a job that makes me so happy, and I can say, with 100% certainty that I am obsessed with the life I’ve made.