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I’m a Kickstarter delinquent.

Yep, that’s me. I Kickstarted my Book Lush project. The campaign was wildly successful. We raised over $9,000 with 141 backers supporting the book. Cue tears of joy and supreme optimism for how literary projects are valued by our society.

Yet, it’s been FOUR YEARS and I still haven’t delivered.

I’m not sure, but I may possibly hold the award for longest delay of a kickstart project. A dubious distinction to be sure.

As one backer recently commented, time is a banana slide. I corrected him. Time is a banana slide slicked with coconut oil.


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Before you send your book to an agent, before you self-publish your book, complete these ten tasks to build your author platform.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to publish independently or through a traditional publisher. To give your books the best chance for success, take the time to get your author platform in order, your community hopping and you identity as an author established.

Publishers and agents alike take a good look at an author’s online presence, social media and website, network and community when deciding to take a chance on a new author. …

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We recently released a self-publishing survey, asking writers to identify their top two publishing challenges.

Over 300 writers replied. The Gutsy team identified five top areas where writers struggle with self-publishing. Here’s the top reported concerns and a sampling of the comments.

(Thanks to all that replied! It’s not too late. You can still participate.)

#1 Concern: Book marketing

“How do I get advance reviews and have a successful book launch. I don’t want my friends and family to be the only people buying my book on the first week.”

“Marketing how-to’s (best practices) and what to avoid.”

“How will people know about the…

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Want to know how much it’s going to cost you to self-publish your book? Watch the video for our best answer!

While publishing costs vary wildly, we share what top spending priorities for indie authors on a budget. Plus, we tell you exactly what you SHOULD NOT spend any money on.

You really can publish your book without spending any money at all. However, unless you are a professional editor, design, formatter AND marketer, it’s highly unlikely that your totally free book is your best book possible.

If you expect your book to do well in a crowded market…

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How do you know if your book is ready to be published? You want to release your best book possible. Identifying your manuscript’s weak areas and proper editing present a challenge.

If doesn’t matter whether you intend to self-publish, or send your manuscript off to agents and publishers. Taking the time to work through these stages drastically improves your manuscript and your ability to realize your publishing goals.

While not every book goes through each of these steps (or needs to), each action adds value and refines the final book you will offer up to readers. While it’s easy to…

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Self-publishing has come a long way, but is it a good solution for authors with high expectations? How do self-published books compare to traditionally published books? Can readers tell if a book is self-published? Do they care?

Here are some interesting facts that may change your perspective on indie books.

  • Indie authors command the largest market share of ebooks on Amazon.
  • Self-published authors now earn more in royalties than ALL the “Big 5” publisher authors combined.
  • Only 5% of self-published authors report feeling unsatisfied with their publishing experience.

In fact, Author Earnings reported:

We live in exciting times. Today it’s…

Yep. Many extraordinarily successful authors use another goal to maintain career longevity.

Want to learn the big secret? Watch the 10-minute video to learn how achieve your writerly dreams by attracting true fans rather than chasing after book sales.

Spoiler: True fans are worth a lot more than single sales.

BIG TIP: This lesson comes from my course Small Town Writer, Big World Audience. You can join the class and watch more lessons here. Plus, use the code MEDIUM25 to get a $25 credit towards the class.

Enjoy the free class and good luck on your platform building endeavors!

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Yummy! Download it here.

Want to know the best way to entice someone to join your email list? Offer a high-value, relentlessly helpful or entertaining freebie. (Also called lead magnets.)

These giveaways provide excellent opportunities to nurture your relationship with your audience and move people down the path from mere online acquaintance to true fan. Make things easy on yourself with digital freebies that don’t cost a thing and may be instantly delivered through tools such as Mailchimp or LeadPages.

Fiction authors in particular may struggle with coming up with things they may offer for free. Even if you don’t publish instructional material, you…

Yes, to some extent. Book advertising can boost visibility and drive up sales. However, not all advertising is equal. It is very easy to spend more money on ads than you get in book revenue.

Here are three things to consider before you pay for advertising:

1. Figure out how much you’re willing to pay for each sale. (Max cost per conversion)

You can figure this out by dividing the total amount spent on the ad by the total sales received.

total spent on ad / number of sales = cost per conversion

Let’s say you are traditionally published and you make about $2 per sale. …

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Take a look: (For $100 credit, use code: MEDIUM100)

In a very crowded market, it may feel impossible to get your books the attention they deserve. Many authors complain that they spend incredible amounts of time on marketing, but don’t see many sales result. Worse, they don’t even have time to write!

It doesn’t need to be that difficult to find your audience and give your books the readers they deserve. Here are four steps to getting your book noticed.

1. Publish your book with a professional, compelling cover design and description. It doesn’t matter how many eyeballs you get on your book if the cover turns them off.


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