How do you know if your book is ready to be published? You want to release your best book possible. Identifying your manuscript’s weak areas and proper editing present a challenge.

If doesn’t matter whether you intend to self-publish, or send your manuscript off to agents and publishers. Taking the…

Yep. Many extraordinarily successful authors use another goal to maintain career longevity.

Want to learn the big secret? Watch the 10-minute video to learn how achieve your writerly dreams by attracting true fans rather than chasing after book sales.

Spoiler: True fans are worth a lot more than single sales.

BIG TIP: This lesson comes from my course Small Town Writer, Big World Audience. You can join the class and watch more lessons here. Plus, use the code MEDIUM25 to get a $25 credit towards the class.

Enjoy the free class and good luck on your platform building endeavors!

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Yes, to some extent. Book advertising can boost visibility and drive up sales. However, not all advertising is equal. It is very easy to spend more money on ads than you get in book revenue.

Here are three things to consider before you pay for advertising:

1. Figure out how much you’re willing to pay for each sale. (Max cost per conversion)

You can figure…


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