AP Gov Presidential Campaign



Critical Changes to modernize the nation of Harambe:

{I} Slavery:

o For the nation to improve, racial discrimination can no longer exist. We need to implement a step by step plan to freeing the slaves in Harambe.

o I propose the following steps:

§ 1) Grant all slave citizenship.

§ 2) Desegregate schools.

§ 3) Enfranchise all slaves.

§ 4) Desegregate all government facilities.

§ 5) Illegalize all segregation national wide. Each step shall take one year to implement, meaning a total of 5 years to finish all steps.

{II} Industry:

o We need to rapidly industrialize Harambe. Under my administration, the government will implement actions that benefits the industries.

o I propose the following steps:

§ 1) Subsidize tools needed for farming.

§ 2) Subsidize manufacturing and industrial plants.

§ 3) Create 10 year no tax zones for companies to set up their base.

§ 4) Create tax plans that encourage small and big businesses to strive.

{III} Alliance:

o To ensure the safety of Harambe, we need to create a global alliance like the UN.

o I propose the following steps:

§ 1) Sign treaties with Harambe’s neighboring countries for peace and economical trading

§ 2) Hold summits for countries that signed treaties with Harambe

§ 3) Create a united league similar to the UN but with Harambe’s allies

{IV} Health Care:

o For the health and welfare of Harambians, a universal health care act must be established

o I propose the following steps

§ 1) Create a think-tank committee made up of the equal members from the People’s House, Elite’s House, medical industries’ professionals, and common citizens

§ 2) Establish the bill to be sent to the People’s House

{V} Government Worker

o For the advancement of the government of Harambe, the people working for the government must be the elites

o I propose to:

  • Raise the wages of all government workers
  • Public teachers should be paid as well as, if not better, than the likes of doctors and lawyers. This would ensure the best education and the brightest future for harambe
  • The money for the workers shall be allocated from the military budget. There is no point in having the best military if our citizens are not the best

{VI} Prison System

o I propose a new efficient prison system that spends less money and discourages criminals from returning to prison. The theory is to use isolation and boredom to punish the criminals. Just imagine 10 years in absolute boredom and isolation

o I propose this new system:

  • Restructure the prison cells so that it is only 200 cm x 200cm x 200 cm
  • Cells should have no windows
  • Prisoners are not allowed to leave their cell for their whole duration
  • There shall only be a toilet, a bed, and a countdown clock in each cell
  • Prisoners have no recreation whatsoever throughout their whole sentence
  • There shall be no human interaction for their whole sentence
  • Prisoners are fed liquid food that contains all the necessary resources for their body to be healthy. This reduces cost to society and discourages people to break the law for “free food”
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