Art of Success: One Rule, Above All Others..

We are living in a ruthless world.

We are living in a world that will crush you at the second you stop trying.

It is hard. And this is why most people are living failures, and most of them are not even able to realise their current conditions.

I believe, this has a cause. A cause that we all instinctively know, but we rarely talk about.

Nature has laws, and they have never changed. If you obey the natural laws, it will let you to survive and prosper.

The bad thing is, we don’t know all the laws — we know just some of them.

The good thing is, one of the ones we know, is probably the greatest of all.

This article is about that law. The greatest of all. You are going to learn about the law, see the ways of using it perfectly and more importantly, gain a new powerful approach to.. hopefully everything.

It doesn’t really matter how we got into this world. It doesn’t matter why, too. We are not able to do anything about those.

One thing we know is, this world has a system. A system that is governed by laws.

Humanity has been around enough to find out some of those laws. And as we know, every system is full of cycles. Cycles that we can manipulate and use for our advantage. Even though it sounds a bit mischievous, it is not. It simply is — I wouldn’t prefer to judge it.

I like writing it long; not just because it is easier to prove my point, but also I am able to transfer my ideas way better to your subconscious mind this way.

Subconscious is what makes you, you — to a degree.

I know this is not the first self-help/self-improvement kind of article you’ve read in your life. But you are still reading.

Why? It might be because you have learned a lot from them and want to absorb more, by reading more. This way, you would improve faster.

But, let’s be realistic. You are reading this, because you didn’t improve enough or actually even try enough, or this is a form of procrastination, or it just feels better when you read these stuff because you feel like improving.

You must realize that if you are in the second group, you are on your way to become a living failure — even if you seem like you’re on your way to something.

Second group violates the greates law of nature; The Law of Action.

Universe works in two shapes; circles and straight lines.

They are actually the same thing, but some inputs cause very identical results and we call those cycles, circles.

Every result has a cause, and we call them actions.

The most important law above all is taking action. Taking the right actions is more than half of every battle.

We are living in a very sick, problematic world.

Societies are conditioned by the people who make them up, so our world’s current condition is absolutely caused by the people who live in it, us.

After all those years of active living, we are now in a state that action is not the most important thing to continue living.

People are able to survive by doing literally nothing. And this makes us comfortable. Comfortable, living people don’t take action which results in more inaction. Actually, they are taking the option of not taking worldly action (which is a form of action) and this causes more inaction. Which is what we can all call a “vicious cycle”.

Being different from the average, the regular, the usual is all about taking action. Breaking out of cycles. Doing stuff. Causing stuff.

In a world like this, the option you choose must be doing, doing and more doing.

To achieve anything, to reach any goal, to be able to do anything, you simply have to take action.

Most of us know, but don’t take action. This is what dulls your senses, abilities.

How to Take Action

It is not hard. It is just different from the usual ways that our brains work, so we feel as if it is hard, tough, even sometimes impossible to take action and break cycles. It is not.

There are ways to break cycles, take actions that you seem not able to take.

First, you have to realize them. You have to be able to draw a diagram in your head (or on paper, if you prefer) perfectly. Then, you are going to think about getting into that cycle.

If you are fat, you are probably in cycles of two things; habits and instability. You have built up these two over time, by not taking conscious, deliberate action.

Unconscious and undeliberate action is what causes our lives to lose their ways to positivity, happiness, success and prosperity.

It is very important to understand why unconscious and undeliberate actions take place. It is because your current state is inaction. If you consciously reject to take action, your unconscious will take the lead and where it leads is generally to places where you wouldn’t want to be.

Good news is, after you take the control over your life and be the one who decides what gets into your subconscious, it will lead you to very very good places even when you are inactive. You will still need to moderate a bit, but not nearly as much as you used to. That’s a topic of another article which will come in a few weeks. If you’re interested, don’t forget to subscribe to my exclusive newsletter at the end of this article.

Basically, to do whatever you are willing to do in this life, and to do that consistently, you first have to break cycles that your subconscious is used to. This is not an easy quest, and actually a bit painful one — but believe me, it is a very simple one, as I said.

If you have procrastination problem, you will see yourself looking for a magic pill, a quick solution that will solve your problems. Many people fall into this trap and this is what causes some people to ultimately destroy their lives.


This is not a fucking self-hypnosis or something like that. Read that again; can you tell me that it is not true? If you think yes, you are wrong.

99% of the things in life are not stuff that is too hard to figure out. But I can say, it takes willpower and some mental strength to succeed.

Every human has born pretty much the same. Some are geniuses and some are incorrigible tumors, but focus on the bell curve and be honest, be realistic.

You are not so different from an 8 figure millionaire.

You are not so different from a professional bodybuilder.

You are not so different from a person who has found his way in life and is happy.

You are not so different from a person who was able to fulfill his potential.

This is the truth. The painful, the frustrating truth.

It is frustrating because you think “Why am I not like them, if I’m not so different?” — this is your problem. This question stems from your mindset, which is not in the shape your want it to be, at least for now.

You have to ask, “What can I do to be like them, if I’m not so different?” and GO FUCKING DO IT.

You have a lot of questions in your mind; how to do this, how to do that etc. Remember, whenever you are looking for an answer to an obvious question, you are looking for a MAGIC PILL — which means death; which means being a living failure.

Nearly all of the questions you dare to ask have simple and obvious answers?

“How do I stop procrastinating?” — You reject the idea of “procrastination” and go fucking do the thing, no matter whatever it takes.

“How do I lose weight?” — You know what you need to do, damn well. The only thing you are looking for is the feeling of you’re doing something. But in reality, you are not.

“How can I take action?” — This is like asking the question, “How can I drink water?”, literally.

Grow the fuck up.

Fucking be yourself.

Fucking believe in yourself.

Damn, take the control already.

You don’t need anything else than yourself.

Just do it. Go and fucking do it. Whatever it takes!


Thank you for reading. This article was a bit heavy and I hope you were able to get out what you wanted. I suggest reading this again in a few days, while taking extensive notes.

And I beg, please, take action. There is no other way of doing something, than doing that. It is THAT obvious.

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Good luck!


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