The Service Provided to Heirs by Kemp and Associates

Maintaining a team of estate researchers who bring more than 500 combined years of experience to the firm’s work, Kemp & Associates has resolved thousands of estate matters during more than 50 years in business. Focusing on estates with missing or unknown heirs through its probate research and forensic genealogy services, Kemp & Associates works to ensure rightful heirs receive access to their families’ estates.

Upon establishing a potential heir through extensive research, the firm will contact the person in question and inform him or her of the situation. Team members will then sign all relevant agreements with clients who wish to work with the firm.

From there, the firm engages with one of several dozen attorneys around the country to ensure the courts are provided all relevant records, including birth, marriage, and death certificates, to prove the person Kemp & Associates is working with is the correct heir to the estate. Clients are kept informed of the process throughout, with the firm also handling the distribution of the assets of the estate upon completion of the legal process.