Are You Running Your Business As A Salesperson or As A CEO?

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Feb 17, 2015 — Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting for Top Producing Real Estate Teams, Agents and Brokers

There are a lot of agents who don’t quite understand how much of a roller coaster ride it is being an entrepreneur in this industry. They can’t comprehend the difficulties associated with transitioning from an agent, who’s sole focus is sales, to an entrepreneur, who is responsible for everything including sales. Being an entrepreneur requires someone who is ambitious, focused, goal oriented and willing to make sacrifices.

Goodfellow Coaching develops future CEO’s

With that being said there are still some entrepreneurs that I speak with that are afraid or unwilling to make sacrifices in their business. They see the business they've built but cannot part ways with certain responsibilities and task. Let me make this clear: the reason you built your business and grown it to the size it is was so that you didn’t have to do everything! You have people around you that you can trust and empower into their roles.

I want to talk about a few of these sacrifices that entrepreneurs struggle with.

Your Employees Are More Than Capable

If you’ve gone through the interview process correctly and have the right people in place then you need to let them perform within their role. You cannot micromanage! Let them perform their duties and they will surprise you. Empower them so that they can lessen the weight on your shoulders. They are capable!

You Have More Time Than You Think

A lot of entrepreneurs think they can’t sacrifice their time for certain things. This is not the case. The reality is that your time management is off. If you have the right people in place and are using your time wisely then you should have more than enough time to make your business successful.

You Can Change

Some entrepreneurs feel like they can’t change or that they can’t sacrifice certain things in order to develop as a professional or as a business. Let me tell you: we can all change! We can sacrifice those bad habits for good ones!

You Can Still Sell

If you can believe it there are entrepreneurs who think that after building a sales team, business, etc. and taking on the responsibilities of a business leader, that they can’t sell. This is crazy! Your skills in sales are what got you here. You built the business you have because of your sales. Do not forget that!

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