2016 Rio Olympic Ticket Prices — June 6th update

Olympic Ticket Prices Update for June 6th

Last week with just over 60 days to go before the 2016 Rio Summer Games, I started tracking pricing for a few of the key premium events for the Olympics. This update is for June 6th.

Ticket prices on the secondary market are down roughly 10% across the board. Prices are getting close to what you would pay through an Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR) like CoSpot, but approximately double what they cost through the Rio 2016 site. The 200IM finals with Michael Phelps (likely) is still tracking higher than the 100M finals with Usain Bolt.

The three events being tracked are:

  • Opening Ceremonies (ZO001)
  • Men’s 100M Finals (AT005)
  • Men’s Swimming 200IM Finals w/ Michael Phelps (SW012)

Update for June 6, 2016:

  • Opening Ceremonies: Get In: $1,175.09, Category A: $2,306.69
  • Men’s 100M Finals: Get In: $325.37, Category A: $1,014.91
  • Men’s Swimming 200IM: Get In: $415.13, Category A:$1,584.74

Note: Prices are sourced from an aggregation of key ticket providers around the world and will be updated in US dollars each week, inclusive of any fees.

About Ken Hanscom
Ken Hanscom is the Chief Product Officer for InviteManager. His firm manages over 15 million tickets and invitations annually and currently oversees the sale and distribution of Olympic ticket allocations for the United States Olympic Committee, NBC Universal, and Cartan Tours, the re-seller of Olympics tickets for 74 countries around the globe. In addition to being the ultimate Olympics insider, Ken is a veteran of the Olympics and will be experiencing the power of Rio 2016 for at least 24 events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, six swimming finals, the 100M finals, the long jump finals and several other marquee events.

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