Web design // Web development

Web design and web-development are completely independent processes that are dependent on each other. One cannot exist without the other. Web design refers to the creative process and visualization of a webpage using markup languages such as HTML and CSS, while web development refers to developing different aspects of functionality to a website and also being able to maintain it on the backend. Web developers are typically familiar with a variety of programming languages that allow them to make as interactive and compatible as it may need to be. Web developers assist in creating the many features that make a website “user friendly”, which in the end helps the website establish credibility and trustworthiness.

Page design, layout, and user interface fall more in line with the concepts of web design. Web design is not only about making a site attractive to a user, but as easy and accessible as possible as well. In today’s online world, these aspects truly determine a website’s success. A user friendly and accessible site is just the beginning. Websites must also be posting current content that directly relates to the page’s topic in order to establish credibility and trustworthiness. This is actually easier said than done.

There are many web design/search engine optimization companies out there that claim they will get you to the front page of Google. They specialize in posting content such as blogs and newsletters relative to your sites general topic. Keywords and relative content are key in terms of search engine optimization; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean the content is beneficial to the credibility of your site. A sites credibility is determined based off of the user experience, which means it must be user friendly and accessible across multiple platforms/devices (PC/Smartphone/Tablet).

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