Trump asks U.S. Attorneys to resign after Hannity calls for ‘purge’ of ‘Obama holdovers’
Ryan Koronowski

All the pundits have been buzzing about Donald Bannon’s grand strategy behind this latest fiasco. But much of the time he’s just responding to what he sees and hears on Breitbart, Hannity, etc.

  1. January — Pence & WH Counsel tell Feinstein there will be an orderly transition.
  2. March 9 (Day) — Sessions tells all US Attorneys on a conference call, “Happy Hunting” with prosecutions. (Sort of scary to think about what kind of “hunting” Sessions would like.)
  3. March 9 (Evening) — Hannity warns about “enemy” hold-overs from Obama Admin undermining Donald Bannon’s plans.
  4. March 10 — Sessions “asks” all hold-over US Attorneys to resign.

So what happens when Breitbart says the US should withdraw from the UN immediately or Hannity says North Korea should be bombed?

I wonder if Rush is jealous that Trump isn’t responding to his “suggestions.”

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