Free Online CFA Calculator Training Course

The CFA builds each exam covering many of the same subjects such as ethics and financial analysis but just at comprehensive and deeper levels. The subjects that are covered at large also include various practical problems in the area of financial analysis, quantitative analysis, corporate finance and financial reporting. If you are a CFA aspirant you very well are aware about the fact that there is a lot more goes into the preparation for CFA exams apart from the main subjects and their conceptual understanding. Especially where you need to solve the problems within limited time it is important to prepare for the same accordingly. You may have read from the official CFA calculator policy that only two financial calculators are approved to be used in the CFA exam, one is the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and the other is Hewlett Packard 12C. Both have there pros and cons of using and yu can select the one that best suits your need and preference. Moreover using it effectively is more important and that is what we would look into this training.
Are you worried on how you could optimize your time during the CFA exam? Especially when you have complex calculations to do and they are not coming correct, you are bound to get anxious. In such situations you would be eventually running out of time. We at edu CBA understand these trivial but very vital aspects about your CFA exam and want to help you out fix this in such a way that it makes you confident to appear on your exam day. One such aspect is the usage of CFA calculator which if done wrong can hamper your scores in a big way. Also the time that goes into using the calculator to solve the practical problems can be saved if it is used effectively. It has been observed that a CFA aspirant can save up to 30 minutes of their total exam time if the calculator is used efficiently. I am sure you do not want to be in those candidates who unfortunately cannot use the CFA calculator in the best manner and loose time.

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