Post Slack -> Trello without a Server in Three Steps

It is easy to post from Trello to Slack using the built in integration, but going the other way usually requires a server. Now you can also set it up with a simple Zapier webhook!

Step 1: Set up Zapier

If you don’t already have a Zapier account you can get one here (the free account is good enough for this). After logging in, follow these steps:

  • From the Dashboard click MAKE A ZAP! You will be taken to the zap creation page (Zapier’s name for a point to point API integration)
  • For the Trigger App select Webhook By Zapier and use “Catch Hook”
  • For the Action App select Trello and “Create Card”
This is what it should look like
  • Click continue, you will see the webhook URL. Copy this into your clipboard, we will need this later when setting up our Slack Slash Command. Click continue
  • Connect your Trello account and click continue
  • Next you see the filters option, skip this by clicking continue
  • In this next section you set up how the data is presented in Trello, this easier with example data from Slack, so lets set that up first

Step 2: Set up the Slack Slash Command

  • Go to your Slack integrations page, this is the URL (but with your team name as the subdomain):
    https://<team name>
  • Enter a new command (like, IDK, trello?) and click the Add Slash Command Integration button
  • Now we need the URL that Zapier gave us that we saved into our clipboard a few steps back. Paste this into here:
The one in the big red rectangle
  • Feel free to add a description for the slash command, or not, you don’t need to change anything else on this page for this to work
  • Click Save Integration at the bottom of the page
  • Go into slack and use the command, this will send the data to Zapier. You should get a response from Slackbot that includes something like {”status”: “success”}. If you don’t, make sure your slash command has the right URL

Step 3: Finishing Up

At this point, we have a slash command sending data to Zapier. Now we just need to tell Zapier how to set that data in Trello.

  • Back in Zapier you should still be on step 5 of setting up a zap. Pick the board and column you want data to go into on Trello
  • Under Name, click the Insert Fields button, you should see this pop-up:
  • Go through the steps, this will load Zapier with the data you sent when setting up the slash command. On step 3 you should see the data you sent then.
  • Now you should be able to insert the fields. Here is an example that will include the user’s Slack name and then the text sent
  • That is all we need in Zapier, don’t forget to turn the zap on by clicking the button on the bottom of the page.

All Set!

That is it! You can now add cards in Trello by using the /trello slash command in Slack!