Using taxation as a method of increasing economic activity is like pushing a string uphill, and it…
Keith Evans

I agree, the Republicans and Democrats both have it wrong. You cannot create the American dream through taxing and entitlements.

Here is a silly analogy:

Assume, we know Squirrels have 220 Trillion nuts squirrelled away for the winter. We know a Squirrel needs 25,000 nuts a year to maintain their weight.

Every time a Squirrel finds a nut, we take the first nut and let them keep the next 9 nuts. So, we are potentially taking away a nut that a hungry Squirrel may immediately need. Furthermore, we do not know or care if the Squirrel owes the Mole 40,000 nuts at 10% interest a year. Squirrel Betty has 500,000 nuts in her home, but Squirrel Tina has no nuts in her home. But that does not matter. Each Squirrel pays 10%. Once a Squirrel gets to 37,500 nuts the rules change and you pay 25% or 1 nut per 4.

What do you think the outcome will be overtime?

This is our tax system.