An armed white mob in Texas massacred their black neighbors in 1910, and none of them were…
Coshandra Dillard

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland in the 60s. I went to the same Middle School as my brothers, but enforced busing had changed this school. All I can recall is the constant fear of gangs attacking children each day going to school. Teachers were leaving, there were a few amazing teachers, but mostly all education stopped. We were expected to walk through this violent storm of gangs each day for two years. My mother finally moved me to another school for the 9th grade. It saved me.

Two things I learned from this experience, leadership does not care. They were hoping this would go away… and eventually it resulted in the “White flight” from Baltimore City. I remained in Baltimore City. I learned to run very fast. For me, this was not a white\black event, many black students were victimized. It was a tribe\individual event. Tribalism became rampant, each gang would decide who was protected, so everyone became less and less interested in thinking for themselves.

Our Nation remains polarized, unfortunately blaming each other for the injustices of the other. This is a virus we must not accept.

For me, I cannot watch others being victimized. My core values were altered permanently. I have helped others in very violent situations where they were about to be hurt. Fortunately, I was not attacked and each victim was saved at least that day. Unfortunately, one victim did not stop the violence and events occurred later where others were hurt. This still makes me upset…

I wish I could stop all hate, but I know hate and retribution does not solve the hurt of injustice, perhaps love and forgiveness can save us all.